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Your renovator’s commitment to you doesn’t end when the work is completed. As specified in your contract, you will have a warranty on all work done for a specified period, usually one year.

There are two types of warranty follow-up that could be required.

Most often, problems are of a minor nature – a nail-pop or small cracks in drywall around door frames of load-bearing beams. Repairs will be scheduled at a time convenient to you.

If anything of a more serious nature should occur, such as a leaking pipe or electrical problem, call your renovator right away as these conditions may need immediate attention to protect your family and your home.

Some of the materials and products used in your renovation will also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. For instance, windows are normally warranted against failure of thermal seals for 5 or 10 years.

Flooring, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, heating equipment, roofing, siding and appliances should also be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Your renovator will provide you with the manufacturer’s documents that outline these warranties and explain the procedures you need to follow in case of problems.



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