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Change Orders

Once work begins on your home, both you and your renovator will have one aim – to get the project done well, on time and on schedule.

However, as the work gets going, you may find that you want to make changes to the plans. A visit to suppliers may trigger a desire for a different type of flooring. You may want to do complete Ottawa kitchen renovations, enlarge the glass doors to the outside, or change the location of the kitchen sink. Or you may simply want more electrical outlets.

Professional renovators will gladly attempt to accommodate any changes or additions you want to make, even as the work is in progress. But before you make any decisions, talk with your renovator.


Sometimes even small changes can have a significant impact on cost.

It may mean changing some aspect of the construction-for instance, a change in floor coverings may call for a different sub-flooring.

Changes can also result in delays.

Your renovator works with a tight construction schedule and subtrades who move from one task to another and from one home to another according to a timetable. If the schedule or sequencing of tasks changes, it may mean waiting for the trades to be available at different times, which in turn may affect other aspects of the work as well as cost.

Changes or additions should be documented as written change orders and signed by both parties. This eliminates misunderstandings and ensures that everyone knows what has been agreed to.

Change orders are considered extras to the contract.

 Ask your renovator to explain how you are expected to pay for them-as a separate item, as part of the next scheduled draw or upon completion of the work.



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